The MANCHESTER 2020 VR Exhibition
Princess Street Gallery
21 August to 21 September

A rare opportunity to buy.
Artists who are exceptionally accomplished and have a long history of exhibiting in National or International venues and/or museums, a limited number of pieces are only available in this event, as there work is so sought after.

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Alan Clement Evans
Barbara Hope Steinburg
Bruno Dufour-Coppolani
Cherie Grist
Claire McCarthy
Francesca Brivio
Graham Stringer
Manuel Jesus Molina Martinez
Mark Lloyd
Petra Dippold Götz
Rachel Romano
Sharon Petit
Sharuzen Wep

Exhibition Partners

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  • World Art Finance

    The WAF finance scheme is available for any type of art or craft from paintings to sculptures. Giving buyers and collectors an easy option to own art of all types. Unlike other schemes we have no limit on art value..
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